Heroes Above: Sky Clash Android free Money and Gems, Secret codes

Each player will soon be able to download the game Heroes Above: Sky Clash on Android or iOS device. Players participating in the beta test will receive an additional gems. To make your start in the game even faster, you can use secret codes to free purchase. The game is a PvP battle on the airship. Each of them will have their own team. The ship with its characteristics has a team, each of which has the same skills.  The player causing his characters, using the cards. Battle has a time limit, it is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. At its end is determined by the winner, which caused more damage to the opponent. For winning player receives a reward in the form of gold coins and Gems. Money is needed for further development of the ship and crew. The game is available for free downloading, but has a game purchases.

Heroes Above: Sky Clash purchases:

  • 52,750 gold coins – QrxB-Fstq
  • 2740 Gems – A7UM-Uycs

Availability of money gives a significant advantage to quickly develop your team and build a ship. Each player who is looking for hack Heroes Above: Sky Clash likely fall on deception. Resources in the game can be obtained using the gaming store. Make a purchase, or by using the code for a free set. Resources allow to obtain a significant advantage. To buy expensive cards of characters, ships and conduct instant upgrade.

The player must use everything to protect your ship from the invaders. Air battles on ships carried out efficiently, have a nice graphics and sound. To learn how to manage, you do not need to undergo additional training. It is standard in the game, enough to strategically use the cards by clicking on them. Battle takes place in semi-automatic mode. In your hands the order and frequency of the call, or a hero. The result of the battle will depend on the skills and characteristics of your heroes.

Heroes Above: Sky Clash cheat

The game has dozens of unique characters and hundreds of unique gaming styles. Create your own combination and pick the team. Be the best captain for your team, using Heroes Above: Sky Clash cheat codes. Extend the ship, which can turn the tide of battle. For training, you can use the battle offline. Pick up all the cards in his team, scouts, drummers and others. You can always reconsider your battle to draw conclusions and to change the strategy. This will allow you to become a hero, share secrets with your friends together to advance in the game.


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