Heroes Infinity hack Android, free Gold & Gems. Cheat codes for money

In the new action RPG Heroes Infinity, enter into battle with a variety of creatures and monsters. Collect your own team of heroes with unique skills for effective battle. Endless skirmishes and travels in different cities. Winning, get rewards and experience to buy new characters in the team and items to improve. In the game of such items hundreds, each of them can be improved with the help of gold coins and crystals. In the game they act as a premium currency, you will get a significant advantage using secret codes. Often, players are looking for a Heroes Infinity hack to get a lot of money. The only way to get coins and gems is a game store. You can use purchases to gain an advantage over other players. This will quickly increase the level, unlock and get paid items and create a unique team.

Heroes Infinity Codes:

  • 1,000,000 Crystals – FZ#1aFZTn
  • 10 000 000 Gold coins – yB#HhnoMt

Each team member has his own characteristics. They can be improved using the money received. Wide opportunities for teaching heroes new skills, for this you can use items and ammunition. Strategic battles take place in real time. A variety of skills will provide a tactical advantage. Heroes Infinity cheats will allow you to get diamonds that will accelerate the improvement process.

The game has colorful graphics, dozens of unique characters. Detailing and animation has a modern level. In the player’s hands will be full control of the battle, choose the direction of the joystick and use the skills and super strokes. Create a team with unique skills, unite different characters to get a more effective force. Win legendary victories and get rewards.

Each player wants to have an advantage over other players. Often for this they try to download mod Heroes Infinity. Use the internal features of the game, to get gold coins and diamonds in the game. Fight with the bosses and get unique rewards. This will collect the fragments of secret heroes and create a rare team. This will give an advantage in the battles with other players. Share tips with friends and unite in guilds.

Heroes Infinity cheat codes


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