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Use hack Heroes of Camelot for free. As predicted by the wise man, the evil forces want to enslave these lands and their inhabitants. It’s time to take up arms and return the old Britain. King Arthur called on all knights and their druid allies to go in search of the Holy Grail, the last hope of Camelot. Arthur sent the hero to help, you need to choose where you come from: a camelot or a druid. If the choice is on option 2, you are given a “storm caster” card with four stars, if you have chosen the first option, then expect a “veteran” card. To succeed, we need a strong detachment. First you need to type a group of heroes. On the world map, choose a military camp and go there and look for new recruits.

Cheats Heroes of Camelot for Anroid and iOS:

  • Dragon Merlin – O-38fhc
  • Nafra – Z-2q89wrfih
  • Mana Potion – Q-rh29qw8fr
  • Energy Potion – G-fgr928wr
  • Arena ticket – A-5389thif
  • The set of discord is P-fh39fdw. each set gives you ten chances to win Uther Pendragon, Mordred, Ogrim the Bully, the Bloodthirsty Shinobi, the Generation of Hell, the Vambrail of the Fallen, or the 4-star card at the maximum level.
  • Jinnah Goola’s Chest – U-dhgr289rw. In the chest you can find a sphere of security or a craving for death.
  • two thousand call stones – L-rh398wr
  • Nightmare set – Z-fht39tf
  • Crystals of Ascension, Camelot, Druid, Undead – X-r398wfih
  • Souls – W-ht39wetf
  • Diamonds – K-brg9238wr

Explore Britain, earning gold and experience and finding new heroes. While studying the world, energy is expended, but it is restored in time. As the level increases, the energy and mana points are restored and you can increase their maximum supply. In the victory over the enemy you can get gold (treasure will help improve the cards), experience, talismans call (bring new heroes).

Heroes of Camelot hack

Hacked Heroes of Camelot without mod downloading for free:

Call stones or gems are used to hire a new card. The number of stars indicates the steepness of the map. The more stars, the better the map! A reserve of coolant (life) helps to survive in combat, and ATK (attack) – to beat the enemy. Each card has its own mana cost in combat with it. It also has a skill that can work in a battle. By combining certain cards in one unit, you can get a combination that will bring victory in battle.

Also you can lock your valuable cards to protect them: a locked card can not be used as an expendable raw material. To awaken the card, you need to breathe in the power of the crystals. To awaken different cards, you need different crystals (ascensions, camelot, druid, undead). To raise the card into it, you need to breathe in the power of crystals and souls. Souls are very rare, so use them wisely.

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