Heroes of Newerth for Android, free Money, Secrets & tips for Get Gold

Heroes of Newerth is a classic moba game that can be played soon on Android & iOS mobile devices. Battles in the game are the same classic dota. Each team of up to 5 people, who are fighting online. The game has more than a hundred characters. Each of them has its own skills and opportunities for development. The game has moved to free to play system, so to download free Heroes of Newerth is possible on your device. Donate will not greatly limit the duration of a game. But getting unique characters and weapons will require an investment of money. The main objective of the game is to destroy the enemy. It is necessary to destroy the defensive towers and the enemy base, which will be rewarded for all the team members.

Purchases Heroes of Newerth:

  • 13,500 (gold, money for purchase code) – 0W0Q_D1UJ*27

In order to protect the world, you need to build a strong team. Each of which will have unique skills and function on the map. To win, you need to distribute the forces properly and stick to the overall strategy. Attacks and protection requires control of three areas. Victory goes to the player who applied unexpected movement and tactical actions for the enemy. Players seek and use hack Heroes of Newerth, to gain access to the rare characters and rapid increase in levels of game.

To build an unbeatable team is necessary for long work and train. Battles take place online with players from all over the world. Winning will get only one player. You can team up with friends to achieve a common goal. Correctly applying the skills of the characters you will get the advantage. Break in the enemy base and defeat the opponent.


After downloading mod Heroes of Newerth player receives one of the best mob games on mobile devices. Excellent graphics and animation, hundreds of unique characters. Each of the characters has four skills that can be developed. Ability to play with friends and battle with players around the world. The popular game available on your mobile phone. Enjoy battles and get more rewards for conducting battles. Download the game for free after the official release and use secret codes and tips for getting resources.

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