HEROES OF WAR 2 cheat, codes for Android – not mod, free Tips Guide

HEROES OF WAR 2 is a free strategy on Android and iOS. It is being tested in Asia, but will soon be available for download around the world. And we hurry to share secrets and advice. Since the game is free, there are game purchases in it. To get a strong character you will have to spend real money. But you can do without this if you know how to use bonus codes. This is not hack HEROES OF WAR 2, here you do not need root or jailbreak rights. Free purchases to replenish the account with gold coins, diamonds and precious stones. Build your base, team up with your friends in the guild and conduct a lot of battles. Use the premium currency to restore energy, play without limits. Gather a strong team, and spend money on defense. Raise the level of the base and all buildings, unlock all buildings and fight with the strongest.

Codes HEROES OF WAR 2 on Android & iOS:

  • 75 000 gold coins – F52-PR5CV*37
  • 12,500 gems – 8L73-Z7H8*37
  • 4 555 diamonds – 8J6A-YG4L*72

Resources will give a significant advantage over other players. Play more to restore energy, fight with stronger ones and quickly raise the level. Open new buildings and characters in the team. Evenly develop the defense and the army for the attack. Cheats HEROES OF WAR 2 give a significant advantage over other players.

Hyde, a brief overview and secrets of the game:

This is the second version of the game, it differs little in gameplay. Here you will meet new characters and graphics of the highest quality. History repeats itself, demons gradually come out of the spirit world and bring chaos. Combine people, elves and gnomes into one team to defeat the opponent. Heroes appear everywhere and a common enemy contributes to unification. Use different characters in the team to gain a strategic advantage.

Use resources to develop and improve the level of the base. Improving the key building, the player unlocks new items and opportunities. Test your team in battles against demons, and also fight for resources. Create a guild with friends, or join an existing one to get support.

HEROES OF WAR 2 cheat codes

The game has a new shower collection system. Also, innovations are introduced into the battle system and makes battles more colorful. The player does not need to download HEROES OF WAR 2 mod to get a lot of money, gold and precious stones. Get bonuses and share secrets with friends.


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