Heroes Rage Cheat Codes for Gems and Gold Coins for free, without mod apk, Android and iOS Tips

Strategic battles 3 by 3 will give you the opportunity to test yourself in a tactical command battle online. Surely, you immediately have a question, how to use the hack Heroes Rage? But we want to warn you and tell you about the unforeseen consequences of this method. You can lose your personal information or cause your account to be blocked. In addition, there is a risk of infection of your gaming device with viruses. If you do not like all this, then the best option is to get the right amount of resources using Heroes Rage cheats. Bright heroes, each of whom has different skills – this is just a small part of what can be waiting for you in this strategic game. Heroes have eight levels of strength, unlock everyone in order to have more choice and fight your enemy more effectively. You must protect your king, but do not forget that your main task is to capture the enemy flag.

Cheat Codes Heroes Rage for Android and Ios:

• 3 000 Gems – V_4530odfi
• 87,000 Gold Coins – J_45039heif
• Double ENERGY – W_48392lkefn

Using our secrets will bring you a huge amount of experience and development of your heroes. You may doubt the correctness of the codes, but once you experience this method, you will realize that this is better than buying in a game store or unsafe hacking. If you like to open chests, then do it more often! It’s so interesting!

Crystals and Gold coins without downloading mod Heroes Rage, secrets:

Yes, as you already knew you do not need to download mod or other files. You can forget about this function, because you have something more effective. With the help of crystals and gold, you can increase the number of cards, buy and unlock new characters and at the same time improve their skills. It is enough just to enter the codes once according to the instructions. If you want more, use the codes twice.

Chita will be able to open for you all the secrets of the game Heroes Rage, which were previously unknown to you. This really deserves attention. Choose which heroes should fight in your team and become a strong military leader who will control all antics of enemies. This is not so easy, especially if you quickly raise the level. Because your enemy will also develop. Be sure to distribute this article on social networks. This is a mandatory condition that allows you to enter the codes correctly.


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