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Heroes Tactics cheats

Welcome to our outskirts, my lord! You are expected by your heroes to fight the robbers and for an important mission – to save our queen, who was abducted by unknown persons. At your disposal, the warrior Tristan – an elite squire, can protect himself and others. Has a crushing counterattack.
Combat is not only an attack, it is sometimes a defense. Use free hack Heroes Tactics for getting unlimited Cash in the game. Protection reduces the damage done to the hero. Protection is used once per round. If you do not defend yourself, the enemy will kill the heroes in a counterattack. It is impossible to win using only an attack. To use protection, click the Shield button in the lower right corner. The more mobile the hero, the farther he walks across the field. But mobility is not always the main thing. Use the pause to wait, when the enemy approaches closer for your first strike. A pause will force the opponent to go first, and you attack in the same round.

Cheat codes Heroes Tactics for Android and iOS for free:

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The course of the battle – to begin with, we will place the army in its positions (cells highlighted in blue). You can change the disposition before the battle begins. It is better to put the heroes in front of attacking opponents. Move the heroes by clicking on the gray cells. A sword icon means you can attack. But do not forget to choose the direction of the attack, this may depend on the outcome of the battle.

Heroes Tactics hack, cheats

When you win, your character deserves a rating star – the sooner you finish and the more troops you leave alive, the more rewards you can get. Under the award is meant – combat experience, gold coins, equipment and weapons. It is also possible to make a wish at the pond of desires and receive items as a reward. There are three types of pond: Hermes, dolphin and mermaids. There you can get rare characters like warriors, archers and magicians (long-range battle). A ranged hero can attack an enemy from anywhere on the map. If the arrow, when you hover over the enemy, the whole – then the damage will be higher, if broken – half as much. Also, each of the characters has an ultra skill.

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To go through the mission you will need a small amount of energy, which is gradually restored itself. But in order to play it is necessary for the energy reserve to be unlimited – for this our cheat codes are required from the list below. You also know that the hero’s ultra skill can be triggered when the energy is at its maximum – cheats will make this ability permanent. Thanks to the skills you will easily pass many missions. Also within a month you will receive a new set of hero with Farand cards in the shop of a pebble and a shop of pirates.

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