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Heroic Dungeon hack

Cheat codes Heroic Dungeon (hacking secrets, key codes, gold, boosters and crystals): not often we can find a game of this genre. Someone will say that the android application is boring, then someone will not be looking for cheats. But you know, if the game gets to our site, then it’s not so simple. From the name it is clear that the user of the android device immediately descends into the dungeon, where it is waiting for simple tasks. But problems in the tablet screen for a long time in the hacked version is even possible, and with free codes.

Heroic Dungeon cheats, hack codes

And all because here in addition to playing three in a row, you can find (from childhood familiar toys) elements of a sapper. At each level you will have a map on which you need to find the treasured key. Nobody knows where he is. Therefore, gradually we start to open cells and check ourselves for luck. At a successful coincidence of circumstances can lead and at once to get necessary subject well or different bonuses in the form of coins or improvements (that should please).

Cheats, hack codes Heroic Dungeon:

1. C6436uB5 – the keys
2. B4634Kfn – gold
3. Y46349w – crystals
4. Q7437Wlsw – Boosters
5. yr23623gtwj – increase the attack
6. 1P74374J35R – life

Heroic Dungeon hacking cheats, tips passing

But everything would be too rosy and hackneyed version of the game would not be needed, if it were not for the enemies who can suddenly appear on the field, then the battle can not be avoided. At this very moment, the genre starts three in a row. The more points you score, the faster and more powerful will damage the enemy, who is also not just worth it.

Heroic Dungeon breaking keys, gold, crystals

Hacking cheats and free codes are necessary to increase health and damage inflicted on your character. With the help of them you can immediately determine where the key is hidden. Do not forget, connect the largest chain of heads to increase the attack energy.

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