Hollywood Billionaire Android free Diamonds, Cheat codes for Gold Coins

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a star of Hollywood? Flash cameras, lights, and all this for you in the new game on Android Hollywood Billionaire. Here, everyone can make the dream a reality, become famous and make lots of money. But for this you have to work very hard to click on the screen, or use stealth. The game is the ability to create your own movies. Comedy, thrillers, westerns, and more. Create your own movies that many will be able to see. And then you will earn gold coins, or even diamonds. Many Hollywood Billionaire money you can get only if you create a name for yourself, and then you can earn big fees. To get praised by critics you need to buy an expensive camera, microphone, to equip a room for filming. There is nothing to save, the quality depends on your success.

Free codes Hollywood Billionaire:

  • 75 000 Golden coins – G3ZpkQFH
  • 3850 Diamond – KP5ETmmC

Download the game for free, you can, but to buy expensive items, you have to invest real money, or use Hollywood Billionaire hack. Many sites offer to use mod or the apk file. Others talk about hacking through the root or jailbreak. But it will only create a visibility of resources on the account. To make purchases, you can use codes that are used to test the game and its rapid passage.

Become a hero in the Hall of Fame, raise your level and update equipment. Everyone can choose a favorite genre and become an expert in it. It will bring you millions of money and the same amount of fans. Create and publish a new video, get it for the experience and improve skills. Shoot yourself and hire assistants, improve the background and buy a better camera and other equipment.

Hollywood Billionaire mod

You can enjoy your own movie, select a favorite genre, be it horror or comedy. Command a filming, change backgrounds, team. This clicker has nice graphics, lots of interesting characters and a great opportunity for development. Consider critics and improve your weaknesses. Cheats Hollywood Billionaire, or rather, codes for bonus resources anyone can use a couple of times, it will allow you to improve the studio and hire assistants. Raise your level, the passing game will be even more interesting.


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