Home Street Cheats for Gold Coins for Android and iOS without mod downloading

If you want to get a lot of gold coins without using Home Street hack, then read this article to the end. You can improve the game by getting a lot of prizes, but you can learn the details if you read the article to the end. The virtual world can help you get away from the everyday bustle and build an ideal online life that will delight you every day. You can develop characters, they will grow before your eyes. You can help them build a house, earn a lot of money, buy cars and build a family. The game Home Street is free, but in order to get a certain amount of gold coins, which would be enough to buy the necessary items, you should use a method for which you do not need to pay real money. Yes, it does exist. Many people have heard about codes that you can enter in your account, but very few people know exactly how to do it.

Cheat Codes Home Street for Android and IOS:

  • 990 000 Gold coins – B # _f39efhi
  • Unlock Secrets in the game – N # _c38djhnb

Your main character can have a different appearance. You can control it as you want. If you want, you can do absurd things in the game, but often the players take things seriously and very often spend real money to improve the game. But you do not have to do this. Each player has the ability to receive the above resources for free. You can get even more than what was indicated in the game store, respectively, you can buy more items.

How to get a lot of gold coins from Home Street and learn a lot of game secrets for free:

To begin with, you must create a personal character, and then his environment. He will communicate with different people with whom he can make friendships or love relationships. In order for your character to live where, you must build a house. In order to buy all the furniture, you must use Home Street cheats, which do not require additional input of personal data.

You can create a comfortable virtual life, receive gifts, a lot of vivid impressions and emotions in the game. In order to get it all you do not need to download Home Street mod. Share this article on social networks and get access to the instructions.


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