Homescapes Сheat codes for Lives and Gold, Android and iOS for free, Secrets, not mod

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Homescapes Hack and cheats for Android and iOS, not mod

Take part in an exciting casual game and get a lot of virtual currency for free. How to do it? Use Hackcapes Hack for Android and IOS. Once you use virtual currency, you will learn that you can get to many more opportunities in the form of Gold Coins and Lives. These resources can be obtained in different ways, but you must remember that the security of the account and the gaming device is primarily. Use the cheat codes Homescapes without downloading mods in order to enjoy the gameplay to the fullest. This will give you the opportunity to improve the game for free. This game is a simulator and your main goal in the game is the solution of puzzles “three in a row”, which will help you to open new rooms in a huge mansion. The main character of the games in this series is a butler named Austin. He and his beloved cat will gladly show you the mysterious virtual world.

Cheats Homescapes for Android and IOS for free:

  • The most important thing in the game is life (as in the game Candy Crush). Without them, you can not continue to solve puzzles. For this, enter the code Sp-fg239f to get +5 Lives for free, without expectations.
  • But other than this, it is worth remembering additional Vip currencies. In this game such currency is gold coins. Free code Mz-fhg0239g will help you get + 49 000 Gold coins for free.

This game is equally popular for both Ios and Android devices. That’s why you can use these codes for any gaming device. The main rule – the game should be downloaded from the official site. Our cheat codes will not work only on the official version of the game. If you do not already know how to properly use cheat codes, then we will help you. To learn about the correct introduction of codes, simply read the instructions on our website. This is all you need in order to use the cheats correctly.

Homescapes Hack and cheats for Lives and Gold, not mod


Secrets Homescapes review for free:

If you want to get a lot of extra Lives and Gold Homescapes online, then the most secure and free way is in front of you. Use cheat codes in order to get unlimited possibilities. Hacked Homescapes – this is exactly what you need. Once you improve the game, you can open all the secret rooms in the mansion. Unlimited opportunities and additional funds will be an excellent bonus for you in this entertaining game. If you want to be the best of the best, then do not miss your unique opportunity to do it absolutely for free.

In this game there are many levels and each of them is more complicated than the previous one. Consider this and remember that sooner or later you will necessarily need extra lives. If you want to get more experience, then the training will be the best for you. Devote more time to the game and you will not notice how you can easily pass complex levels.

Do I need to download Homescapes mod for Android and IOS:

As we said before, you do not need to download files that can carry a potential danger to your gaming account or mobile device. Just enter the codes – nothing more is required from you. And remember that the codes should be entered in your account exactly as indicated in the instructions. Austin will be very happy if you help him collect bonuses, solve complex and funny puzzles and open new rooms. Very many gamers refuse this game precisely because they do not want to wait half a day to get new lives. Now you can get all the unlimited possibilities in the Homescapes game absolutely free!

Free Homescapes, Android and iOS, not mod, Lives


Yes, the game was available for a long time, but only now our programmers are cheat codes, with which the game developers tested the gameplay. This opportunity is truly unique and completely legal. Instructions for the introduction of free codes will be available to you as soon as you make repost this entry on social networks. Fans of the game should know about the possibility of free hacking. This fascinating journey will give you even more adventures if you use our Homescapes secrets. Everything is so simple that you are even surprised. Do not forget to tell your friends and share links to this article.

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