Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack Cheat Codes for Gold Coins, Potion for Android

Become a real hero and gambly tap on the screen of your mobile device without using hack Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack. In fact, only a few manage to really hack the game, but we offer you a completely different way that will get a lot of resources in the game for free and quickly. You can get a certain amount of money in order to win back the cave that you left before that. You will have to fight monsters and different monsters, but it’s not as scary as it seems at first glance. Using cheats Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack, you can only enjoy the gameplay and enjoy the fun of hanging out in the game. Using extra gold coins will help you find many different rare items in the game. At first glance, such trinkets as a crab claw, a wooden saw, blue cheese or a pirate hat may seem unnecessary to you. But do not rush to make hasty conclusions, they are sure to be useful to you, you can collect the whole collection.

Bonus codes Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack:

• 9,000 Potion – C_3hr09wed
• 199 000 Gold Coins – P_4hd93ehif

You must save poor creatures who call themselves Blobs and bring everyone back to their familiar world. But for this you need to fight bravely with such monsters that you did not dream of in terrible dreams. As soon as you kill one, in a second before you will appear another, which will look even more horrific. You need quick reaction and sharpness.

Secrets of the game Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack and receiving Potions, Gold Coins:

These codes are proof of purchase, but in fact, you do not need to pay money for it. The main thing is not to enter the codes too often, then you will not cause suspicion to your account. Do you want to become one of those who bring Blobs home to the cave? Then what are you waiting for? Go on the road and get a lot of impressions from the game process.

If you’ve been looking for a break for a long time, then you probably tried to download mod Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack. If this is so, then you have already made sure that it does not work. If you have not tried it yet, it does not make sense, since you already found the method you need. Create your army of blobs and lead them to freedom. Become a general and do everything necessary for victory, including enter secret codes.

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