HorseHotel Cheat codes for Gold Coins, Android and iOS, not mod

You should receive quite a lot of Gold coins in this game without mod downloading. To do this, use our simple hack HorseHotel. This game has no complicated management, which allows the player to quickly develop and improve the horses that live in your hotel for horses. This is the basis of the entire gameplay. Find an individual approach for the development and education of horses. You can access unlimited game resources in the form of Golden Horseshoes using free HorseHotel cheats. Each player can do a lot more than he thinks. To do this, try to use maximum effort and get a lot of extra money. You can do this with the help of shopping in the game. But it’s best to enter the secret codes that are in our article. To care for horses, you must take care of all the little things and only then, they will have a lot of energy, look beautiful and will be full of energy.

Bonus codes HorseHotel for Android:

  • 127 000 Gold coins (Horseshoes) – S_Fr32y98ewfi
  • Double the number of resources – U_Pfh049ewf
  • Unlock 1 item for free – Y_Wg309ewf

In order for horses to get good food, you must have money to buy the necessary products. At first glance, it may seem that sugar is a rather insignificant resource. But it serves to ensure that horses receive an additional supply of energy. The rest of the food is also a necessary resource that horses need.

How to enter the cheat without downloading the HorseHotel mod for Android and Ios:

In your hotel there is a place in which all products are stored. Do not forget to collect the necessary amount of oats, so that the horses do not stay hungry. You should also pay much attention to external care of horses. This determines the number of awards that you can get. Despite the fact that the game is only available for Android, you can also download it for Ios soon. You need to get additional resources in a safe and fast way.

This method does not require a mod download. You just have to use our codes correctly and this will lead you to an unconditional victory. You can get a lot of resources for free, but for this you have to read the instruction and correctly use the codes in the HorseHotel game. This is not hacking, but the codes that are part of the game. Learn horse riding and get the horse to do various tricks.


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