How to use the codes

How do the codes work?

On the site you will find cheat codes for hundreds of popular games. They are created by game developers to test the application at different levels. This allows you to quickly reach any level without restrictions.

In the commentary on the game you can describe your impressions of the game, and also at what level you are.

The most frequent questions that we get from our users are “how to hack the game,” or “where to enter the codes”? To learn this information, it is enough to study several articles. We do not have the opportunity to answer each one personally, so instructions have been created for each individual article. They are slightly different for Android, iOS devices, but the principle is the same. In 2018, this is the easiest way to get a lot of money for free without hacking and breaking the rules.

Why is there no information in the public domain?

Many people use bots, this is the fastest way to wind up resources. Once the codes get hit by the bot, do the holes in the game close the next time you update.


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Purchases in the game

It is important to understand that by making game purchases you give the developer the opportunity to work on improving the game. Use cheat codes as needed, or when you lose all your achievements and want to quickly return them.

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