Hungry Dragon Cheat Codes for Gems, Gold Coins for Android & iOS for free, not mod

It is you who can be one of the first who uses the Hungry Dragon hack without the file mod. This is an incredibly interesting game from the developers of Hungry Shark World. You can get unlimited opportunities and free virtual currency in the game very quickly and for free. If you have already played a game about fierce sharks who eat everything in their way, then it will be very easy for you to get used to the physics of this game. In principle, each player can easily get many Gems and Gold coins. But for this you have to spend real money. Of course, no one wants to do this.

Cheat codes Hungry Dragon for Android and IOS for free:

  • To triple the number of Gold coins – S-fg398tgh0we, this will help improve some dragons
  • Get 13,000 Gems – B-fh039tghew, this is a premium currency with which you can buy any dragons and items
  • Double the amount of Life – Y-g049thigwe, with this code you will have a greater time reserve before the dragon gets hungry

The game has so many different functions, thanks to this virtual currency you can use each of them without downloading Hungry Dragon mod. This is really important, because the cheat codes that you see above will not work in a game that was not downloaded from the official site. That is, you should download the game for free for Android or Ios with Google Play or App Story. This is all that is required of you. If you are interested in the process of entering codes – you can find out details in the instructions on our website. But if you have already entered such codes, then just do it.

Free Hungry Dragon cheats for Gems and Gold Coins:

This is an incredibly entertaining game. You can control your dragon and navigate through a huge game map. Before you will be a lot of food in the form of birds, people, beasts, witches, gnomes, other dragons, spiders and so on. All these creatures are edible and will be able to increase the energy level of your dragon. To make it as large as possible, you can use our code and buy special pets that will follow the dragon everywhere. The whole game map is very large, but you can not visit every bit of it right after the game starts. In order to fly into secret places you must have a lot of experience and buy the biggest dragon.

The developers suggest that you unlock the dragons in the game Hungry Dragon, but they do not show all at once to leave a small intrigue and constantly surprise gamers. This game has already passed full testing and you can enjoy the final version. Hacked Hungry Dragon for Gems and Gold for free, will be able to give you a lot of impressions and most importantly – you can save real money.

Secrets and review, passing the game:

Get a lot of positive emotions with this game and practice in order to properly manage the dragon. During the gold rush, all the food that is the dragon turns into gold. Do not miss these moments and swallow as many diverse creatures as possible. The safest level of the game is the average. You can easily navigate and fly away from bombs and dangerous animals that take away the life of the dragon. But the lower you go down – into the caves, or the higher – behind the clouds, the more danger you will feel. When you have a lot of experience, you will be able to visit the parallel worlds, where there is a lot of unusual food and objects. Do not forget to distribute this article on social networks. This will help you to get access to the instruction on the introduction of codes.

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