Hungry Shark World Cheat Code for Gems, Gold for Android and iOS, not mod, free secrets

Hungry Shark World – this is the continuation of the famous series about sharks. You will be transported to the world of the most dangerous sharks, which are constantly hungry and aggressive. So that they can survive they need a lot to eat. In food, they are not choosy, and eat everything in their path. All that comes to their eyes can not be saved from the sharp teeth of a shark. You can choose what fish you want to control, with them you have to grow real giants. The bigger the shark, the more it eats, and the more you need to hunt to get it full. Eating other fish, birds and even people you will grow. You should make sure that your pet is not hungry, otherwise the shark will die. Also, you will be given tasks that you can perform in a certain time. Opening the new locations, you will discover a new food that the shark can eat. Collect coffers and coins, with which help improve the shark. In the Hungry Shark World mod it is very difficult to feed a shark, for this reason we offer secret cheat codes.

Cheats Hungry Shark World:

  • Code to get 300,000 coins for purchases in the game – JKye649s
  • Code to get 100,000 gems for purchases in the game – Ujye529o

Cheat codes Hungry Shark World you can improve your game to the maximum. You will have many coins and crystals for purchases in the game. You no longer need to download fashions or buy special device rights. Everything is simple, easy and completely free. Our cheat codes are absolutely safe for your device. Hungry Shark World codes can be used several times. How and where to enter cheats in order to get bonuses, you will see below on our website in the instructions.


Tired of similar to each other as 2 drops of water mobile shooters and strategy? Then the creators of the Hungry shark world have something to offer you! By the way, how do you feel about big water? In the game you will have to test yourself in the role of an angry and merciless sea predator – sharks. In order to survive in this cruel you must constantly devour other marine inhabitants. At the beginning you can overcome only small crabs or roaches. But over time in your diet will be more large-scale extraction – for example, a scuba diver. The game has a built-in upgrade system. Over time, you will be available to larger species of marine predators, for example, a large white shark. Download the cheat on the Hungry shark world download for free for Android and iOS.

Secrets and Tips for free:

Creators of the Hungry shark world managed to create a violent and bloody game. Every second of the game process is filled with drive and cruelty. However, playing on this is just more fun. Management in the game is very simple, you only need to indicate your ward shark direction of movement. The graphics are executed at the highest level, the spray of the blood of scuba divers looks like real. And from the sound of clicks of the shark’s jaws, goosebumps actually run.

Hacked Hungry shark world will give you a lot of gold and crystals. The developers added a donate function to the game. You will be able to spend the premium currency on speeding up the process of purchasing various improvements for your shark. It can not be said that this system spoils the gameplay, as everything in the game can be achieved without spending a penny of real money.

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