Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Cheat codes for Android & iOS, free Money & Gems

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom is a free game on Android and iOS. Download and enjoy the opportunity to own your own lock. Build and develop an army, train the army. Use gold and crystals to expand your possessions against the laws of physics. Collect a powerful, pot-bellied army to defend possessions and attack other players. A lot of funny characters and a big map. Unlock all areas on the map by completing assignments and earning money. The crystals in the game are a premium currency, so many players are looking for hack Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom to get them for free. In this article, following the instructions you will learn how to get unlimited resources in the game for free. Secrets of passing, rapid increase in the level of resources. Gold and precious stones allow you to buy paid items in the game store and immediately perform tasks. Speeding up the gameplay, you will receive more experience and rewards.

Codes Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom:

  • 20,000 gold for free – 3#IHBM6T2LU
  • 3,500 crystals – 3#KISTSOKR6

Become a venerable lord in your castle. Expand its territory and hire even more people. Protection of possessions is one of the key tasks. Do not be shy to give women powerful weapons and get a powerful army of your devotees. Teach each of the skills to the battles and raise them using gold. To be a successful manager, assign each person a task and observe the implementation. Cheats Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom allow you to get a lot of money on the account for free.

These tips will provide resources for more effective management. Quickly raise the level, build new rooms with various functions. Look for the work of the blacksmith, who will create new weapons, you only need resources. The game has beautiful graphics, fun gameplay and hundreds of missions that you have to perform. On your shoulders, the economic part, well feed and train the army, to attack other players.

Download Mod Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom you can free of charge on Android. Only on the original version of the game, we guarantee the work of bonus codes. Download the game from the Play Store and find yourself in the Middle Ages. Fight with dragons and other lords for resources. Having gold you will have a significant advantage. Build, fight, develop possessions and get new residents in special rooms. Enjoy the game and share secrets with friends.

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom cheat


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