Idle Adventurer Cheat Codes for Cash, Power for Android and iOS for free, without downloading mod apk

Idle Adventurers is a game in which you have to fight with real dinosaurs. Feel yourself a caveman and try to resist the huge monsters of the Jurassic period. This game will be available for Android and IOS, but it is currently under development. You can access the secret codes that are used by developers to quickly and freely obtain resources in the game. This is necessary for testing the game. This is not hack Idle Adventurers, as you might have thought. Secret codes are available to all users, but you need to know how to properly use them. To do this, be sure to distribute this article in social networks and get access to instructions for free and fast receipt of virtual currency. Imagine that you are in the Stone Age. You really need to be an adventurer in order to fight the dinosaurs. But if you want adrenaline and emotions, then certainly download this game.

Bonus codes Idle Adventurers for Android and Ios:

• Double Power – D_fb3298efi
• 40 000 Cash – F_rw4393isd
• Unlock 2 Items – L_rh9503ebf

You can hunt different animals along with your friends in the same team. You take for yourself the best hero. You can get an unlimited amount of resources in the game quickly and for free. Use cheats for this Idle Adventurers – this is a quick and proven method that does not require violation of the rules of the game. Get a lot of money and unlock all the necessary items in the game store.

Secrets of passing the game, review:

The main secret in the game is a large number of virtual resources for which you can improve your entire team. Otherwise, you must have enough experience to know how to better fight with those or other animals that fall into your path. But remember, the more mining – the more difficult it is to overcome. But if you have a strong team, then you can do everything.

The game has many interesting elements. One of them can be called a frequent change of location. You can observe a variety of landscapes and manage different characters. Move along the game map from point to point and learn a lot of new things. Calm your interest in a lot faster, using secret codes without downloading mod Idle Adventurers. This will help you get from the game all the possible pros.


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