Idle City Billionaire free Cash, Cheat codes for Android – Secret & Tips

To grow the business you need investments, players often look for hack Idle City Billionaire in order to get a lot of money into the account. Gold coins and diamonds are needed to buy new territories and improve them. Start with small stalls near the road and develop them to shopping centers. Use secrets to get millions of coins to buy. Everyone can get additional resources without downloading mod Idle City Billionaire files and getting special root device or jailbreak rights. Learn the instructions for entering the bonus codes and get a significant advantage. Skip the initial stage, where the fees from the shops are tiny and you have to click for a long time to collect ten thousand coins. Enjoy the rapid growth of your business and increase the number of points. The game is reminiscent of TD, where you need to set up as many establishments near the road as you can. Secrets available are all completely free.

Idle City Billionaire codes:

  • 1,000,000 gold coins – YU#837_eyu
  • 1 930 diamonds – YE#874_uey

Gemstones play the role of premium currency, they are bought at the gaming store for real money. Buy paid items, unlock new levels, or speed up the process of collecting money. Build as much as possible and conduct level improvements to collect more tribute at a time. Each institution brings a certain sum, which depends on the level, location and other.

Review of the game how to make a lot of money

Idle City Billionaire is a clicker, you can control one finger. And at the first levels, these clicks are very small, raising the level of the building you get more rewards. The higher your level, the greater the income from each business. Further development you can see on the map. Each next building is several times more expensive than the previous one. To collect the necessary sum you have to collect and click on the stalls for a long time.

Using cheats Idle City Billionaire you can speed up all processes. Get coins and diamonds to buy and expand their holdings. Click on the screen, collect fees for the purchase of new buildings. Develop small shops in shopping centers, raising their level. Use secrets to speed up the processes and quickly become a millionaire in the game. Expand your territories and buy a more profitable business to raise your level in the game. Use secrets and share them with friends.


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