Injustice 2 Cheat codes, Android & iOS free GEms & Gold Coins

Meet the new, free Injustice 2 on your device. For now game can be downloaded only on ios, but soon is expected version for Android. Here you can spend a lot of battles using favorite characters. Also stars superheroes present and new, interesting characters. The game has developed a new system of improvements and the construction progress. Multiple modes, characters and features to attract millions of players in this game. To become one of the best in the game, you will need the crystals and gold. To receive them, many are ready to use the hack Injustice 2. But downloading mods and gain root or jailbreak rights can harm your account. Everyone in the game can get money for free using the bonus codes. They will give additional resources for the purchase and improvement of heroes.

Injustice 2 cheat codes:

  • 32 500 gold coins – QBrF_#8cDtFj
  • 3750 Gems (diamonds) – MPRV_#NjOwCZ

The codes can be used by each player once. They will not give unlimited resources, but will make a great start to the game and get the strongest characters in the team. Each of them has unique skills and super abilities. Also, each character has its own values threat – its level and strength in battle. Using money Injustice 2 each can significantly enhance the character and build a strong team.

This RPG game in which you will be able to collect the stars. Use the resources for their improvements and energy recovery. Each battle will be rewarded with coins and experience. By increasing its level, you can carry out further improvements heroes. Use the crystals to learning new skills and increase your character’s health. Victory will depend not only on its level, but also your skills of warfare. Defend and deliver of powerful attacks.


The game will delight the highest level of graphics quality and detail is found really rare. After reading the story, you will be able to conduct the battle. But to discover the arena and other modes players can later. Use power-ups you do not need to download mod Injustice 2 to get a lot of money. Now you can restore your energy and fight without restrictions. Develop strong fighters and get the victory. Dynamics and mechanics of the game can be called unique, it will appeal to all lovers of battles. Monitor the whole process, and use a variety of weapons in the fight against injustice.


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