Intergalactic Road Warriors Android free Cheat codes, not mod

Racing game for mobile devices where you can take part in crazy races. They take place in outer space at an incredible speed. Intergalactic Road Warriors can download for free and participate in competitions on different planets. Maximum speed jet cars and a variety of routes. To win you will need not only a fast car, but also a reaction to the situation on the road. Vertical descents and ascents, it is a mixture of fast Sonic and karts.  Take part in the battle royal, come to the finish line first and get a reward in the form of play money. The game has dozens of machines, each of which has its own characteristics, buy a fast car, to increase their chances. Using the tips and secrets, you can get money for purchase free.

Codes Intergalactic Road Warriors:

  • 37 500 Money – 0ny94Pdi
  • Unlock all cars – qquOkqIi

Race without rules, most importantly get to the finish. Take your intergalactic tour and win prizes. In addition to driving skills in the game has a lot of weapons that you can use to stop going ahead. Weapons also costs money and is installed on your car. Many players are looking hacking Intergalactic Road Warriors, to get money to purchase the game. Downloading mod, or using the root or jailbreak rights is not recommended for this purpose.

Control of the game is very simple, but requires you to accuracy. Due to the high speed of movement, do not forget to release the gas when you’re in the air, or your landing will be on the roof of the car. The graphics in the game 8-bit stylized and very well optimized. Usually you will only see a blurred background and its carrying forward car. Start the battle you will be simple shatty car.

Intergalactic Road Warriors cheat

Get experience of the race you will be able to unlock the more expensive the car, and weapons. Create a unique auto tuning using, repainting and installing weapons. To win, you need to not only win, but to destroy your opponents. Using cheat Intergalactic Road Warriors, each player can receive free of charge extra money for shopping. Get experience in single race and go to battle in multiplayer mode. Unlock all items in the game and try out all transport.


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