INTRUDERS: Robot Defense hack code Android, free Money and Gold Coins

A new strategic 3D game INTRUDERS: Robot Defense is now available for Android users. For several months, the game will be available for iOS devices. Developers write that the game was developed by people who love games of this type. Indeed, the game has an interesting plot and bright, bewitching gameplay. But the main goal of the game is to convince gamers that they have to spend real money on the development of the game. Perhaps this will sound a little rude, but this is the main goal of the developers. But this can not be condemned, because everyone needs to earn money. But if you found this article, then you are interested to hack INTRUDERS: Robot Defense. But we must upset you, very often this method does not work. But do not worry, we can offer you another way of obtaining resources, which was coined by developers during the testing of the game.

Cheat codes INTRUDERS: Robot Defense:

  • 52 000 Gold Coins – FGG#MtMWE8b
  • 11 000 (T) – PGn#wXsauKP

The game has eighty levels, which are quite complex. In order to pass them the first time, you must have a lot of money INTRUDERS: Robot Defense. You can get this necessary resource for free, in just a few minutes. Your main task is to protect your military base and to defeat your opponents. For this you must have strategic skills. This is the basis, and if you do not have enough experience, the game resources will not greatly help you.

You must become a real commander. Be prepared for the enemy to attack at any moment. You need to train your soldiers and buy the best weapons and ammunition for protection and attack. Not having enough equipment, you can not win the fight. But downloading mod INTRUDERS: Robot Defense does not help you either. You can try to download several files. You will see that this method does not work. But by downloading files, you expose your mobile device to danger. Remember this.

INTRUDERS: Robot Defense cheat codes

The game has a good graphics, which will not leave you indifferent to the gameplay. But the most important is the plot of the gameplay. After completing the mission, you will want to immediately go through another task. Get additional bonuses and codes, for this you need to share this article in social networks. After the introduction of codes you can enjoy unlimited playing facilities in the game.


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