Iron Giants: Tap Robot Games Android Cheat codes for Gold Coins

Iron Giants: Tap Robot Games Action game on Android and iOS. Take on the role of the savior of the universe, endless battles with robots and other enemies. The game combines many genres, clicker, action, arcade and strategy. Everyone will find the game interesting, because it has a unique gameplay, good graphics and endless battles. Become a superhero money will help you, coins. They are bought in the game store and allow you to quickly carry out improvements and buy items. Collect a strong squad of fighters and save the world from invaders. Hack Iron Giants: Tap Robot Games coveted for all fans of the game, Donate in the game is quite strong. To open all the titans will need to spend a lot of time, or invest in the game money. Hundreds of interesting levels and exciting battles are available on your mobile, without access to the Internet. Conduct updates and improvements, getting rewards for the battles. Use secrets to gain an advantage and raise the level.

Codes Iron Giants: Tap Robot Games:

  • 5 000 000 gold coins for free – Er*EY10XU47
  • 1 500 000 coins for free – XdEI28YC28

Collect a powerful team of titans to battle with robots. Buy items, upgrade the level and skills of your heroes to deal more damage. Build a strategy, use the mind to go through the arcade part of the game and quickly click during the battles. The stronger the opponent, the more reward you will get with the victory. Using cheats Iron Giants Tap Robot Games, a player can concentrate on the development of heroes and remove the limitations of the game.

Buy new weapons and increase the health of the team, and also its combat power. Machine guns, rifles and other weapons will quickly gain victory over the enemies. Each time their power will be stronger, as soon as the money is in the account, make improvements and purchase items for a future meeting with the boss. Do not be afraid of the size of the robots, you can easily defeat them having a lot of money on your account.

The game has good graphics and good reviews. Download mod Iron Giants: Tap Robot Games on Android, or iOS and enjoy battles on the road, or any other place. Now you do not have to go to the game store to improve your characters. Unlock them and raise the level with a large stock of coins is also much easier. Conduct an upgrade and destroy the heroes faster. Use secrets and follow the tips for getting money for free and share with friends.

Iron Giants: Tap Robot Games  hack


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