IShelter Cheat codes for Gold and Power, Unlimited Energy for Android and iOS

IShelter is a new action game about the future of our planet. If you want to find out what secrets lie in this fantasy world, then rather download this role-playing game for Android and Ios. At the moment you can only play the beta version of the game, but there are a lot of advantages of this. Each player has the opportunity to influence the development of the game. Developers listen to every adequate opinion of gamers and change even the most minor elements in the game. All this is done in order that you like the gameplay. But they can not change one part. In the game there is a game store. In order to get certain resources you have to pay real money. Some players want to deceive developers using iShelter hack. But this is not so easy, especially since a real hacking is very difficult to find. But during testing, developers use secret codes, which you can learn more about in this article.

IShelter Bonus codes for Android and IOS:

• 9,000 Gold – K # _Ku9e3ea

• Double Power – M # _Dg3w9ri

You control a team of super heroes, each of them has a visible level of energy, this green bar is placed above the head of each character. If you see that your hero is losing energy, then it is very important to restore it in time. This will allow you to fight until the final victory. Gold is the main currency in the game. The codes that are found will allow you to get a lot of gold for free. If you want more resources, enter the codes again.

How to enter cheats iShelter correctly, free reception of energy and gold:

Many players are wondering how to correctly enter cheats in the gaming account. In order to learn this, you need to access the instructions. It is on our website. To do this, simply share this article in social networks and you will be able to read all the secrets contained in the instructions.

These secrets do not require to download iShelter mod or other dangerous actions on your part. In order to quickly and easily get gold you need to spend a few minutes. Fight with the enemies and defeat them. From now on, the battles will become even more interesting and colorful. Only you can save the Earth, so go ahead, to victory.

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