Jelly Copter Cheat codes for free Lives, Candies, Android and iOS, not mod

Hooray, all the fans of the game of this developer are happy, because there was a new game Jelly Copter. It has a genre of arcade, but do not rush to draw conclusions, this is truly an exciting game. You find yourself in a delightful world in which you can turn into different animals, objects and much more. But an exceptional feature – you can fly. The game was released very recently, that’s why many people are looking for Jelly Copter hack without downloading file mods. Get many virtual resources for free, it will allow you to improve the gameplay. But the question remains open. How to do it? it’s very simple – use our codes for free for Android and IOS. It is very important to download the game from the official site, it’s really important to remember, because our cheat codes work only in the original versions of the games.

Cheats Jelly Copter is free of charge for Android and IOS, without downloading:

  • Get 82 000 Sweets for free – M-fht2309g and get an opportunity to purchase resources.
  • Double the amount and effect of Grape, Pepper and other resources – P-fy0239gue, this is a rarer currency.
  • Unlock 3 new characters – D-fh0ww39g for free.
  • Get + 6 Lives – U-fh2039ge. You can enter the code right after all lives are exhausted.

The most interesting thing in this game is to unlock new interesting characters. The game has a lot of flying heroes, they have a very funny look, color and shape. You can unlock all the hero in order to diversify the game. To do this, you need to enter the codes and get a lot of Candy Jelly Copter, which is the main virtual currency of this game.

Do I need to download Jelly Copter mod online to get Sweets:

Forget about it, you do not need to download anything – in most cases the downloaded files are simple but they bring benefits, and in some cases they can cause great damage. If you do not want to take risks, do not download suspicious files. It can bring a lot of viruses and other problems. As you already knew, this game is becoming more popular, as its developers are the company that created the game Subway Surfers.

Among other things, you can also unlock new flying facilities and most importantly – it’s all free of charge. To become an impeccable leader you have to get a lot of extra features. Learn the secrets of the game in the instructions on our website, the link is at the bottom of the article. In addition to the virtual currency, you can also learn the secrets of the passage. Your hero is in the gorge, he must maneuver in order not to fall and not touch objects at the top.

On his way there will be many obstacles, which you must masterfully avoid. But apart from that you can also collect a lot of necessary resources, candy and another. With each level, passing the game becomes more difficult, but you can unlock the entire collection of characters and use them. Hacked Jelly Copter will give you many impressions and opportunities. Manage the funny characters and put new records in this game without much effort.

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