Jelly Defense Cheats for Gems, Coins for Android and iOS, not mod

Have you ever seen jest of battles? In the game Jelly Defense, you can laugh and enjoy the battles of jelly monsters. The principle of this arcade is quite simple. There is an obstacle course on which you can place your warriors. At the end of the path are all your treasures – gold and green crystals, which are the target of the enemy. To the beginning of the path, jelly monsters always come and release their small, but quick and agile jelly soldiers. They are struggling to grab the treasure, but your job is to kill them before they do it. If you are looking for a Jelly Defense hack, then you have already found what you need. On our website, and in this article, you will find codes and a guide on how to correctly enter them. And everything, you do not need anything else. This easy and simple method will give you a lot of fun.

Bonus codes Jelly Defense free for Android:

• 39,000 Gems – Y_hr94uerf
• 50,000 Coins and Towers – O_hf45cxdo
• Double Score – H_ow03rifjrer

This game can be called more strategic, because it is the placement of your troops and their skills that will determine the outcome of the game. There is nothing to worry about in the absence of experience, it can always be earned, but you must remember that the game process is developing very quickly and you must keep up with it. The best and proven way is our secret codes. It is this simple element that will help you change the game.

How to use Jelly Defense cheats to get Crystals and coins for free:

Now we will explain it to you. Everything is quite easy and simple. On our site there is an instruction for entering the codes that you see in our article, but before you read it, we must be sure that you are a real person. Distribute this article on social networks and access the secret instructions. Everything is logical and simple, without any money investment and without downloading Jelly Defense mod.

Monsters can have different colors. And if an army of blue monsters approaches you, you must kill them only from the blue guns, the red ones will not act. You can foresee this by the color of the jelly monster that is approaching the road and is preparing to release its warriors. In the meantime, you can strengthen the guns, change their color or add new ones, depending on how many resources you have. But as you already understood, thanks to our cheat codes, you will have an unlimited number of them.

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