Jellynauts Use free Cheat codes for iOS, Android for Gems, Lives, Secrets

If you are used to, that jelly candies are just three games in a row, then the developers of this game are waving the doubts of gamers. Use Jellynauts hack for free and you will see what a real fighting arcade looks like. Get the opportunity to crack the game using a virtual currency. In general, many players buy game resources for real money, but thanks to this article, you do not have to do it. To get a lot of resources, you must use additional Jellynauts cheats. Thanks to this simple method you will become the best gamer and can easily navigate in false labyrinths and destroy enemies from the first blow or shot. To use cheat codes you should just enter them correctly in your gaming account. As well as other arcade games, for example Knife Hit, this game is aimed at accumulating points and a virtual currency, which will later help you make any purchases.

Cheat codes Jellynauts for Android and IOS, for free:

  • If you are going to use virtual currency, then first of all enter the code S-fhwt309gvh. This will give you 160,000 Gems. These Crystals will allow you to buy everything you want.
  • Increase the number of lives 3 times, at any stage of the game – A-r32y09gihv. You can save the game and restore the game process with new strength.
  • In addition, using the code K-fht9wgihv you can block unwanted advertising in the game for free.

All these codes are very useful, especially for players who have just begun their journey. To become the best of the best, it is important to remember some details. All these resources are available to many players, but how not to cool, only some know the rules by which you can enter the codes correctly. Be sure to read the instructions for implementing this idea. Having received these opportunities you will forget about troubles and failures (if any appeared in the game).

Jellynauts Android and iOS free secrets, not mod

How to enter codes without downloading Jellynauts mod to get a lot of Crystals and Lives:

In fact, this process is very simple. All you have to do for this purpose is to get an additional virtual currency using our codes. Have you ever wondered why all players do not use this method? The fact is that on the Internet there is a lot of deception and gamers do not want to take risks, but our method is reliable and reliable, besides, you do not risk anything, because you do not need to download various files.

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