Juice Cubes Hack, cheats, Android and iOS, not mod

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Juice Cubes hack and cheats

Juice Cubes is a colorful shareware puzzle for portable devices created by Pocket PlayLab. The game has a vast number of pretty levels, nice music and simple, understandable to every gameplay. Which consists in combining cubes, made in the form of various fruits, into chains. And without that the fascinating gameplay, makes it even more interesting to perform various tests and competitions in setting records with your friends, as well as other players.

Cheat codes Juice Cubes for Android and iOS, not mod:

  • To get + 710 000 Gold for free – S-28dbw9
  • No Ads – Wa-g32f3f

The goal of the game is to achieve a certain number of points. But this task is complicated by the fact that a limited number of moves are allocated to passing the level. Therefore, you need to try to create as long as possible combo chains, because the points you receive directly depend on this longest. At the end of each level, an estimate is made, where the three stars are the maximum.

Also in the game are present, inherent in all fritupleykam, all kinds of boosters like: five additional moves, dynamite and others, facilitating the passage. And these bonuses are purchased for gold bars, a local game resource. Which, in turn, are bought for real money currency, or given for the execution of tests.

How to hack Juice Cubes and get unlmited gold bars?

The further you advance on the game, the more often you begin to feel the need for these boosters. Sometimes, it seems that without them it’s just not possible to pass. In this case, as it is impossible by the way, it would be useful to cheat. Hacking Juice Cubes, allowing you to get so many gold bars so that you can, directly, from the feet to the head smeared with bonuses for passage.

Spent a lot of time on the game, but did not achieve high results? Can not finish the level with the highest rating, while not pouring money into the game? Leader positions in the list of record holders are still unattainable for you and it seems that it’s easier to get a star from the sky? Then you should pay attention to this hacking, you do not need to download for Android and iOS. It does not take up much space on your phone or tablet, and is also easy to use. This cheats Juice Cubes is the answer to all the questions stated above.

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