Jumpin Wild Cheat, codes for Android – free Cash, unlock items

Jumpin Wild is a free game for Android and IOS, in which you must constantly jump. This is not an ordinary casual game – you are in a world of wild animals that can be controlled. In order to jump over the abyss, you need to get used to managing the game, and it’s not so easy. To the left of your hero is an indicator of power and height of the jump. You can not change the course of events of the game, but you can replenish your account with game currency. Do not worry, for this purpose you will not need a Jumpin Wild hack. You should just enter the secret cheat codes in your account. This is not at all difficult, but you should read the instruction, which details how and where you should enter the codes. This game has a nice graphics, which makes the game more colorful and exciting. You can unlock all the characters in just a few minutes.

Bonus codes Jumpin Wild for Android and IOS:

  • Double Score – 65LX-Y7AL
  • 39 000 Cash – SJGF-CYU1

You have the opportunity not only to choose a variety of characters, but also to change the game map. There is nothing easier than using cheats Jumpin Wild, because this is really a method that works and is completely safe for your mobile device. If you do not know how to correctly enter cheats, then the instruction will serve as a hint. This information is on our website.

Overview of the game, the secrets of passing levels:

If you want to get a lot of virtual currency, then you can use another classic method: buying virtual money for real money. But we know that no one wants to do this, especially if there are codes when using which you do not need to download Jumpin Wild mod.

Unlock all wild animals. These can be lions of owls and even pandas. Each of them has its own way of jumping. You have to take into account the location of the location and choose the right hero. This will allow you to go a long distance and beat your previous record.

Jumpin Wild android mod

After you learn to perfectly lead all the characters – you can fight other players by the number of points. In order to get more secrets – share this article with your friends on social networks.


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