Jumping Joe Cheat codes, for Android – free Diamonds, and Cash

Jumping Joe is a free, non-stop platformer on Android and iOS. Jump to the top, endless obstacles and a long way to the finish. A square is the main character of the game, but it has skills that you can raise using diamonds. Collect them on platforms and get for raising levels. They are also the premium currency of the game and allow you to unlock all the possibilities. To get a lot of money in the game, gamers often look for hack Jumping Joe. Resources can be received on the account without violating the rules, this will be discussed in our article. To get diamonds on the account you do not need to download the mod, or enter personal data. Use secret codes to get bonus resources on your account. This will allow you to set new records, continue the level after the error and use the additional skills of the square.

Jumping Joe codes:

  • 15 000 diamonds – ZI*9ELZBw
  • 30 000 diamonds – VA*Sdx2FU
  • Disable ads -Nr*xSO4Hi

Jump, use the resources received to improve skills. Secret codes will allow you to make updates quickly and for free. Do not spend tens of hours collecting the right amount. The character has 6 skills that can be improved. With each level, the improvement is worth more money. Cheats Jumping Joe will allow you to make improvements without limits and unlock all the game modes.

Overview, secrets and tips for passing:

Nice graphics, dynamic gameplay. This is an action platformer for mobile devices in which you can have fun. The graphics of the game are very pleasant and does not have high requirements. Each level will be filled with traps, obstacles. Sometimes you need to stop and wait for the right moment, then continue to climb up quickly. Using boosters, you can get more diamonds at the level and experience points.

This is a great time clicker. Fence around, or tap into the right direction for the jump. Study obstacles, move away from spines and blocks. Use your weapons and boosters to overcome obstacles. The main goal of the game is the glasses.

Jumping Joe hack

Set highscores and share with friends. To get diamonds, you do not need to download mod Jumping Joe, or get root & jailbreak right. Follow the tips and instructions and take advantage.


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