Jungle Guardians Cheat Codes for diamonds and gold, Android and iOS, not mod

Want to help animals escape from extinction? Then use the Jungle Guardians hack without file modes and downloading dangerous programs. It’s just cheat codes that you need to enter in your account. You have nothing to risk and you can get a huge amount of virtual money. In the jungle, too, there are problems. Animals of rare species suffer from poaching. You also know that the more rare animals are caught by poachers, the more money they can get for it. You can help wild animals and rare plant species. How to do it? Alone, it’s very difficult to cope with all such difficulties, but you can do it and get a lot of virtual currency in the game absolutely free. Each player can do this using the cheat codes Jungle Guardians. More specifically, they are free codes for free purchases in the game store. This code is a proof of payment, but you do not need to pay anything for it. This method was invented by the developers for a quick and free receipt of virtual money. Do you also want to try this method? Then read the article next.

Cheats Jungle Guardians for Android and Ios:

  • 19 000 Gold Coins – MW_F39wrfi
  • 4,000 Diamonds – ED_Fh3029rfu
  • Double Lives – XO_fh0239wfh

The jungle needs your help. Throughout the game process, you have to perform complex tasks. They consist of fighting with poachers, building dwellings for animals and saving animals or plants. Poachers cut down forests, dig holes, extract oil for personal gain and do not think about the environment. You must remind them of the importance of saving nature. Sometimes these reminders can appear in a rough form, but each level of the game is unpredictable, which will give the player more variety and will be able to interest him.

Do I need to download mod Jungle Guardians for getting Diamonds and Gold Coins:

This question can be answered with only one word. You do not have to do this and besides, you should know that this is extremely dangerous for your mobile device. Perhaps you are not afraid to lose access to the game account, but for sure, you would not want to get problems with the mobile device. All the game secrets Jungle Guardians will be available to you after you use our codes. This is the safest, easiest and fastest way to get resources from all possible. You will discover a lot of new things in this game and will be able to unlock absolutely all the items and levels.

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