Keen Keep Cheat codes for Gold, Crystals and Tips for free, Android and iOS secrets

The strategic game Keen Keep came out just recently for Android devices. Your task is to outwit the rest of the players and make a fortune on this. The game has a lot of virtual currency, but in fact the greatest value is the crystals and gold. Everything else – this tree, food and many other resources are not so important. Yes, with their help you can build houses, feed your army and do many other things. But if you do not have crystals and gold, you can not buy all the other resources and items in the game store. Many assume that hack Keen Keep will allow you to get a lot of resources for free. But in most cases, these players are disappointed. You can get a lot of resources after shopping in the game store. But the main goal of gamers is to save real money. That’s why they do not want to make purchases in the standard way.

Bonus codes Keen Keep for Android and Ios:

• 980 Gems – M # _g38woe
• 3 000 Gold Coins – B # _h93rheki
• Double Wood and Food – N # _dh39rdow

As you can see, these secret codes will give you even more privileges than a gaming store. In order to learn how to correctly enter cheats Keen Keep, you need to access the instructions. This is classified information that is not available to anyone, but you can easily unlock it. To do this, share this article with your friends on social networks. This will give you a lot of money and privileges in the game.

Do I need to download Keen Keep mod to get gold and crystals? Overview and secrets of the game:

The most important and the main secret of the successful passage of the game is the correct tactics and, importantly, the formation of your troops. You attack your enemy one by one. This means that he has as many chances to defeat you as you do him. You must think through all the weak points of the enemy and find out what impact will cause him as much damage as possible.

This tactic will defeat the player faster than he finds your vulnerable side. But thanks to the huge amount of gold and Keen Keep crystals, you can make your army invulnerable. The game is very easy and familiar control. It will not be difficult for any player. Enjoy strategic battles and get even more bonuses.


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