Kill Shot Virus Android free Money, not downloading mod

Kill Shot Virus is the new first-person shooter where you need to destroy the virus. You have to be a secret riot policemen and every minute to expose themselves to danger. For performing tasks the player will receive gold and money, but they are usually not enough to buy the newest equipment and weapons. Company Hotheat Games developer have already noted several popular games. In the game you need to clear the area, each of which has up to 40 tasks. In this shooter you will always know where to go and what to do. The dynamics of battles are at the highest levels. Download Free Kill Shot Virus can be from Google Pay and Apple Store official site. Money in the game are needed to buy weapons and equipment. For different types of weapons in the game have special assignments. For example, with a shotgun you will need to clean the small location, and with a sniper rifle to work at a distance.

Purchases Kill Shot Virus:

  • 3760 gold – IUIU-KUO3 * 5S
  • 43,600 of money – IEYU-61VI * ST

The game is created in 3D with high quality and colorful graphics. Realistic world, brilliant colors. Sophisticated character models and good physics of movement and shots. The effect of slow shots and much more will allow to enjoy the game. Passage of the game is progressing and improving with the completion of tasks in the region. To open a new territory, it is necessary to complete all the tasks of the previous region. Each mission has a mission to destroy the virus. The more satisfied the more money Kill Shot Virus you will get.

Passing the mission is very interesting, they differ in the final assignment and weapons. Kill the goal within a certain time, or destroy a certain number of zombies. Each following task is more complicated. In the game there are two currencies, dollars and gold. Gold is donate resource, so many are looking for hack Kill Shot Virus. And the Internet can find a lot of proposals that do not give you the result. We strongly recommend to download the mod Kill Shot Virus, or use the root or jailbreak rights to solve this problem.

In the game there are purchases they can make on the rules of the game. They provide a significant advantage. After receiving the gold, the player can purchase Premium weapons and improve the characteristics of the character. Character control is quite simple, because you can only move around and send weapons. Click on the monitor you make shots. For a successful game, it is very important to learn to shoot accurately and quickly respond to the appearance of new enemies. With the purchase, you will be able to recover energy and to play without restrictions.

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