King of Seas: Islands Battle free cheat codes for Android, Diamonds & Gold

King of Seas: Islands Battle is an incredibly exciting strategy game that will please you with graphics and storyline. This game also has an enlightening character. The gameplay shows how much humanity can harm the planet Earth. It is because of human greed and insatiability that almost no fresh water is left on the planet. This is the main idea of ​​this strategic game. You must become a real leader and take control of the source of fresh water on the floating island. In order to facilitate the task gamers often look for hack King of Seas: Islands Battle. But very often this method is a trap for many users. Of course, everyone can get an unlimited amount of resources, but how to do it, if no site offers a real way to hack a game that really will work. On our site you will find all the detailed information through which you can get a lot of virtual resources without investing real money.

Bonus codes King of Seas: Islands Battle for Android and Ios:

  • Double Gold – XX_Wu7a*BY
  • 9,000,000 Diamonds – Ma_X7wV*x2
  • 870,000 Potion – Cn_ANRc*dI

Every player who really loves this game should know that already at the initial levels you need to try to win as many territories as possible. Around only water – an endless ocean that flooded all the planets. Small pieces of land, that is, islands – is the only way to save. The main privilege is fresh water. Cheats King of Seas: Islands Battle will make your game even more interesting and exciting.

Game secrets, receiving resources:

A very important element of the game is the player’s ability to create strategic plans. You must control the entire floating island that belongs to you. The most important thing is the center of the island on which there is a source of fresh water. Defend your possessions from enemies and other players. Become a real king of the seas and islands.

Take a good look at the top of the screen during the game. In addition to diamonds, potions and gold, there are other resources. You can buy them thanks to the listed resources. That is, the most important thing is to get the main currency without downloading mod King of Seas: Islands Battle. And you can do it effortlessly. Get resources, a lot of secrets, but for this you need to share this information in social networks.


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