Knight’s Rage hack, Cheat, for Android – free Gold, Tips, Guide

Premium weapons, powerful knights available in the game only donators. So many people are looking for hack Knight’s Rage for Android to get a lot of money, gold to the account. The presence of money allows the player to gain an advantage, buy paid items and significantly strengthen the characters. Collect a whole team of knights and improve their skills without violating the rules of the game. Using this article, tips and instructions, everyone can get a bonus money on the account. It’s free and does not require the player to download mods, or enter personal data. Knight’s Rage is a free role-playing game in which you find yourself in the fantastic world of Astellan. Here you have to spend hundreds of battles with dangerous creatures and bosses. Skills and strong weapons will allow you to get up. Destroy difficult rivals, earn money and get gold in reward. It will allow you to buy items, open chests with new heroes and make improvements. The amount of money will depend not only on the level, but also on the arsenal of weapons.

Bonus codes Knight’s Rage for Android:

  • 6 570 gold coins – RYc*VirV7
  • 14,650 Gold for free – GW5*74PPs

Battle enemies and gain experience, discover new opportunities and weapons. Continuous improvement of characters and change the composition of the team. Each knight has unique skills and characteristics: life, damage, armor and more. Buying new items you can enhance the characteristics and easily destroy bosses. Cheats of Knight’s Rage give the player freedom of action, play without restriction, restore energy and quickly raise the level.

Guiding the game, advice on passing and receiving gold:

The game has high quality graphics and exciting battles. Smooth animation and high detail of objects and characters. The fights take place in three rounds, count your forces and use super strokes to deal more damage. Choose the heroes in the team, use their weapons to gain victory. According to the plot of the game, you have to pass the tests and get the Order of Rage. Travel through the dungeons and cities, and clear the territory of enemies.

A lot of monsters and difficult opponents are waiting for you. To earn money, a player can perform daily missions and perform tasks. For the game you will need internet connections. Download Knight’s Rage mod and get unlimited resources will not work. Use the resources of the game, bonus codes, to get a gift to the account. Further battles with difficult rivals will bring enough money, a good start with a large gold reserve will save you a lot of time. Follow the advice and share the secrets with your friends.

Knight’s Rage cheat codes


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