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Special skills can be used only after you have filled a special scale.
Points can be obtained for the purchase of items in the store, after which they can be exchanged for an unearthly weapon or accessory.The game hack Kritika The White Knights also contains many gems: ruby, amethyst, topaz, emerald, sapphire, onyx, chrysolite.

To enter the VAP stage, you need a coupon – VNS. Particularly shining meteorites with ease will increase the characteristics of your character and make it more dangerous for enemies. Meteorites are:
1) destruction – increase physical attack;
2) magic is a magic attack;
3) shield – physical protection;
4) stamina – resistance to attacks.

Steps can be repeated, and you also get gold and experience points. You can also earn money by playing in a wave of monsters. The essence of the stages is simple: it is necessary to destroy all opponents for a designated time zone, without ever dying. At the end of each mission, you are expected to fight with a boss, which is not so easy to kill.

Stages are divided for:
1) for beginners;
2) medium difficulty;
3) a complex dungeon;
4) infernal lair;
5) the underworld.

Kritika: The White Knights hack

And for each of them you need a pass. Going through the stage once and killing the boss you can further simply press the “auto” button and the mission will take place without your participation, only at the very end you will need to make a choice of three chests.

Review of Kritika The White Knights hack and secrets:

In the very inside of the game store you can buy a variety of avatar appearance of the hero, a pet and tickets to the passage in the dungeons. For real money, you can buy carats and gold.

Also during the passage will come across different chests, which can only be opened with the help of silver keys. Gold chests with gems can only be opened with a special key.

The most expensive accessories in the “Kritika The White Knights” are: severe earrings, a pendant, Kyle ring, standing 999 carats. Also there are almost divine artifacts – earrings, pendant, Belshazzar ring, which give you almost immortality and absolute advantage over other users.

All guild battles take place in the tower and the winner receives a significant cash prize, so do not hesitate to join the community to get positive effects and rewards.

Karats are the main currency “Kritika The White Knights”, it can be obtained for victory in battle battles: arena or duel.

Kritika: The White Knights cheats

Do not forget to improve your weapons in order to increase your combat rating and cause more damage to the enemy. And remember, with inheritance, the enhancement levels are automatically transferred.

The best outfit is epic, for example: the luxurious short sword of death. By the way, a very significant increase is given by the wings of death or Tazhara, the knight.

Cheat codes Kritika The White Knights for Android and iOS:

  • Unearthly things – H-g39g8wf
  • Carats – L-rhqw0sf9
  • Glasses – O-frh20qw39. Runs nearby, scorching the enemy with a laser and collecting coins.
  • One Hundred Thousand Gold – l-rh20qw9
  • Awakened Alter Tazhara – Q-12qbrfr2wd
  • to awaken the characters: irrepressibility (berserker) and cat-acrobat – K-hfr902qw
  • Ten gems are given: ruby, amethyst, topaz, emerald, sapphire, onyx, chrysolite – R-bde923w
  • instant improvement of any thing – B-fhwr938r
  • cheats on the wings – Z-3h30wd9w
  • earrings, pendant, Belshazzar ring – R-dah922d
  • keys – D-db392wrq
  • inheritance of any subject – K-2rtw9fic

Codes without sownloading Kritika The White Knights mod apk:

To enter promotional codes – go to the game, on the main screen (where the character itself). On the main screen, select the event (small red gift box) and scroll down to “enter the promotional code of the gift coupon.” A window opens, we enter from our site and enjoy
1) RUVK475EGKEYS – gives 4 gold keys
2. XEVN948AXJLQA – awakens the character
3. BELC384WNRRRH – one thousand carats
4. VCKG374LUDLNP is an unearthly thing
5. GUGE028GASYOR – pet
6. TPNY473ZKUENA – glasses
7. VQR489HBTXQGT – keys
8. BMBC520TLDTNW – gems
9. MZMO329ZXLZOG – gold
10. MIJJ281SLBZJY – premium

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