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League of Stickman hack and cheats

Translation of the game is quite simple – a League of Stickman. Prepare your weapons, it will be very hot and dangerous, a serious battle is coming! In the application you expect a lot of interesting things: a lot of different characters with their unique equipment. Free chests with equipment and weapons that can be obtained and opened at 10, 20 and 30 levels. Heroes in the league of stickman are available for crystals (or diamonds, to whom it is convenient to call them). Each of these characters has 4 unique abilities that can be used at a certain time interval.

Cheats League of Stickman for Android and iOS, free:

  • The hacked full version (free) – X-vhg0we
  • Open all the heroes (champions) – A-fh0239. Atay, Kalpa, MK, monkey and others are available.
    Increase the level of heroes by 10 – Y-fj2309wf
  • Immortality – E-r239wf
  • Epic weapons and armor – F-2b9wd8
  • Enemies die with one shot – Q-nf309f
  • Shoot skills without recharging – D-hg3290rf
  • Million coins – N-fh2309f. You can improve skills and equipment for coins.
  • Ten thousand crystals (diamonds) – S-fbr239r
  • Free lottery – L-h2309f
  • You can also download the hacking mod game – B-frh2309fh

At the end of each mission, the user is waiting for a battle with the boss – the card keeper, from which drops an object, a bunch of gold coins and you get a lot of experience. Remember once and for all – enemies who attack at a distance are much more dangerous. Kill them first!
The rating in the game is the sum of the strength values ​​of all champions.

Proper equipment will increase your fighting efficiency, so we recommend using cheats league of stickman and getting epic uniforms and weapons that will help you to easily destroy hordes of enemies. If your game went hard, then it’s time to improve the parameters of the champion, equipment and skills.

Hacked League of Stickman without downloading mod apk:

Also in the League of Stickman you can improve your weapons and uniforms for coins. With each level your champions become stronger and sturdier, you can also get a lot of helpers, but this requires crystals or diamonds, which can be obtained by entering cheats on the league of stickman listed in the list below. Do not forget to switch or change the characters to use the necessary skill at the right time. Since the skills have the ability to trigger after a certain time, switch to another champion and use his skills.

Purchases only increase the number of crystals, unfortunately this does not apply to coins. Coins can be obtained by entering cheats, buying chests for crystals and selling equipment.

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