Legend of Mighty Magic Hack, Cheat, for Android, free Gold & Crystals

Free game where you can get money, gold and diamonds without hack Legend of Mighty Magic. The game can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS. Enjoy online battles, combine the characters in one team and destroy the waves of enemies. Fight with your friends and unite in the guild. Resources are needed to raise the level of your buildings and create a powerful army. Train them with new skills, buy paid inventory and create a unique team. Legend of Mighty Magic is a free strategy in which everyone can test their survival skills in an endless struggle. Money in the form of gold coins and crystals will be charged for the performance of tasks. Precious stones are a premium currency, bought for real money and allow you to speed up the processes. Quickly raise the level, get paid items and get a significant advantage can every player.

Legend of Mighty Magic codes for Android:

  • 125 000 gold coins – Llm#5agKh
  • 65 000 crystals – F5m#n5kUh
  • 12 500 diamonds – JXH#lUaCG

Get the advantage in building your base. Use resources to create powerful protection, increase the level of buildings. This will unlock the opportunity for you to improve your heroes and increase the reward you receive. Survival in real time can be much more interesting if you use Legend of Mighty Magic cheats, or buy additional resources for development.

Guide on the game, an overview:

The graphics in the game will please the brightness and detail of the characters. There are dozens of them in the game, all unique and interesting. Each of them has different skills, they can be expanded and trained new for more effective battles. Fight, study the advantage of your heroes to build a successful battle strategy. A team of different characters will allow you to be more flexible on the battlefield. Use the premium currency to improve and build a powerful defense of your base.

The player does not need to download mod Legend of Mighty Magic to get a lot of money on the account. Bonus codes allow you to wind up your resources and get a significant advantage. Defeat the goblins and destroy the enemies with a significant advantage. Join the guild to get support from other players. Share your secrets with friends and create a powerful guild for battles with other players. Increase the level of spells, use paid items.

Legend of Mighty Magic mod android


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