Legend of Roger free Cheat, Android, free Cash, Secret & Tips

A new positive game Legend of Roger about the clever and cunning rabbit is already waiting for new users. The game is strategic, but at the same time very interesting, bright and exciting. If you like games with meaning, where each level is not a continuation of the previous one, but an independent part of the game, then rather download this strategy to Android and IOS. The game is free, but as elsewhere, you have the opportunity to buy virtual currency for real money. What will it give you? You are looking for hack Legend of Roger, which means that you need hints or additional forces to destroy the monsters that chase the Roger rabbit. In order to become a true professional in this game, you must pass at least twenty levels. After that, you will have the opportunity to change the game process and improve your tactics, as you will know all the nuances.

Bonus codes Legend of Roger for Android and Ios:

  • 40,000 Carrots – j1#9cer63
  • 80,000 Rearls – t3#jssrm5
  • Hints in the game – sv#0enqsw

The game has a lot of dangerous tricks. You need to know about each of them if you want to become an absolute champion. Different monsters want at any cost to get to the rabbit and destroy it. Novo you can protect your hero using guns. The more weapons you install, the more chances you have to successfully pass the level. Each player has the opportunity to use Legend of Roger cheats and install many guns for free.

How to get a lot of pearls and carrots for free and fast:

Secret codes, which you can see above, can be used no more often than several times a month. This guarantees you security and many virtual resources for free. These codes were designed to test the game. And at the moment you have a unique opportunity to use them, this will not raise suspicion among game developers.

In order to know where to enter the codes and how to do it correctly, you need to access the instructions that are on our website. You do not need to download Legend of Roger mod or get root or jailbreak. Everything is much easier than you think, and you do not need to risk and spend real money.


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