Legendary Castle free cheat codes, Gold, Gems, Android, Secret, Tips

Use secret cheat codes for gold and gems to get a lot of money in the game without using the Legendary Castle hack. Free MMO SLG game on Android and iOS allows you to participate in endless battles. Build your own castle and protect it using famous heroes, objects and alchemy. Start building a lock from the ground up and hire the first characters to defend and train in combat. The main storyline of the game Legendary Castle is the salvation of the earth. The alchemical rift created a bend in space and brought a lot of evil to the earth. Go through the levels and solve the riddle of what happened. Use the resources to increase the level, buy famous heroes and quickly move on the game. Increasing the level of the lock in front of the player opens up new opportunities for improving and buying items. Use secrets to speed up the processes with the help of gems and gold.

Codes Legendary Castle:

  • 3,840 gems for free – IqW_#s1W4
  • 64,500 gold for free – MP1_#qqEd

Having received a premium currency, the player can restore and buy other resources. Diamonds, energy, and also the access to paid items and unique items. Create an impregnable castle, build a strategy and win online battles. The game requires a constant connection to the Internet, so download mod Legendary Castle and get a lot of money in the game of impossibility, use bonus codes.

Secrets of the game, passing and raising the level of the castle

This is free strategy for mobile devices, created for online battles between players. Here, everyone equips his castle, hiring heroes and setting traps for the invaders. Attack on others and get their resources. Everyone can create a unique castle, equipping it with protection and installing security. Develop your heroes, send them to assignments, they will create new territories and lands for you to conquer.

Gems will allow you to upgrade and raise the level of buildings and heroes, instantly. Using the cheats Legendary Castle, the player receives a lot of money for development. Increase your rank and engage in more serious battles. Get additional experience and exclusive awards. Having developed your castle, you can engage in battle with other players in PvP mode. Travel and expand your possessions, become a legend. Use secrets and share them with friends.


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