Legends of Darkness-LOD free Gold & Power for Android, Secret & Tips

Legends of Darkness-LOD is a new strategy game for Android. But the developers promise to release a version for Ios in a short time. If you are a fan of the game, then you found this article for one reason – you need a lot of gold coins and diamonds. This is very important, because if you want to win in these complex strategic battles, then you will have to get a lot of virtual currency in the game. Each player can do this without investing money, but only some of them know how to do it correctly and quickly. If you thought that this is hack Legends of Darkness-LOD, then you are mistaken. We generally do not advise you to use such methods, because they carry a great danger to your mobile device and this is absolutely true. This is especially true for entering personal data and downloading various files.

Bonus codes Legends of Darkness-LOD for Android and Ios:

  • Double Gold Coins – Fc*DB2mOY
  • +300 Power – Wm*jmeRjU
  • 4, 800 Diamonds – Zp*k82iDx

As for the quality of the game – you will be satisfied with both the graphics and the sound in the game. But you will have to get used to the huge number of indicators and other indicators of the virtual currency, which are mostly at the top of the screen, and also from the left and right side. These cheats are best entered just before the passage of the level and buy the necessary resources with their help.

Secrets of passing the game, how to get a lot of diamonds:

A very important resource in the game is energy. Using cheats Legends of Darkness-LOD you can quickly double and even triple its number. Increase your playing level by increasing the amount of experience. Thanks to this you will be able to overcome new missions and buy new cool players. It’s very simple and most important – you do not need to spend real money.

Move on the game map further and further, this will help you develop your players and receive many new treasures in the form of jewelry, weapons, experience and other resources without downloading Legends of Darkness-LOD mod. Yes, you do not have to download suspicious files that can host viruses on your mobile device. In order to get the necessary instructions you should share this article in social networks.


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