LEGO Quest & Collect free Banana and Stud for Android & ios

LEGO Quest & Collect is a game in which you will be able to collect all the favorite characters and test them in game quests. Collecting characters is the main goal of the game. Lots of colorful characters and the game world in the style of LEGO. RPG genre will allow you to enjoy passing the task and the numerous battles. To assemble the unique masters, you will need to collect the necessary items, clips. You need to collect a lot of original details, to gather the rare characters. After passing the ordinary quests, you will meet with the boss. You need to have in your team fighters of different types. This strategy will allow you to defeat them. To get in the game a lot of money in the form of staples and bananas, use the provided secrets.

Promo codes LEGO Quest & Collect:

  • x 75 Banana – SIAS-EODX6S
  • 37,500 Stud – LY3U-XYWLWL
  • 2500 – HP3H-YI4G6G

To gather a rare collection you will need to invest money in the game. Many are looking for hack LEGO Quest & Collect, it supposedly allows you to unlock all the characters. We do not recommend downloading mod to take advantage. It can harm your device and result in data loss. The game is being tested. You can use this time to quickly improve. Having a variety of characters you can get even more experience. Each fighter has a unique super punch that can change the course of battle. On the left side of the screen you’ll see the icons of all the characters. After selecting a certain, you will be able to take complete control over it. In the game, you can enable automatic conducting combat and include only super hits.

In addition to passing the quests in the game you can show your skills in PvP mode. To significantly enhance the characteristics of the characters you can use cheats LEGO Quest & Collect. Root rights are not needed to get money on Android. Resources in the game will allow you to receive additional bananas, and paper clips. These resources will allow you to unlock all the characters. Each of them has the features and number of stars. You will be able to get new skills and enhance their characters. But only the right strategy will lead you to victory over the bosses. Follow the instructions to enter the secret code to gain a significant advantage.

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