Limousine auto mechanic 3D Sim Cheat codes for free Cash, Android

Limousine auto mechanic 3D Sim hack not mod – if you have always dreamed of becoming an auto mechanic, then our game is for you. Become a real pro in your business. When you get a limousine in the garage you have to repair it or improve it. If the car is bare tires, then change them. Few oil, top up it. There are dents, fix it. You will have a very busy day, and you can help many limousines. The game has four missions, and each of them has five levels, which you have to go through. Gaining your skills to you will come more and more limousines a hundred. One minus, it’s a lot of advertising in the game, but we’ll fix it too. Using our limousine Limousine cheat car mechanic 3D Sim, you will not have advertisements and time that constantly get in the way.

Cheats Limousine auto mechanic 3D Sim for Android and iOS:

  • Use the code to disable ads in the game, for free – LA35er17h
  • Use the code to turn off the game time, free – LA8291urf

Hacking Limousine auto mechanic 3D Sim on Android and iOS, you will not have advertising and time in the game. All you need is to conscientiously fulfill your duties. You no longer need to download fashions or buy special rights to the devices. Our codes Limousine auto mechanic 3D Sim are free even without root or jailbrea. All cheats are completely safe for any of your devices. They can be used several times, and all the time for free. You do not need to enter your personal information. Everything is very simple and easy. If you have not figured out how and where to enter the cheats, then follow the link below on the site.


Love car mechanic games? Yes! It is a unique blend of repair games and limozin games where you become an expert mechanic. This service station game is the latest fixing game with state of the art tools available to be used by YOU as an auto mechanic. Here the limo is parked in the auto work shop for an auto repair. Roll up your sleeves as you need to inspect and fix damages in this awesome service station car game. Head-lights are damaged, go fix them. Tires are flat, replace them in a simulated tyre repairing shop. Moreover this garage game offers you fun of painting along with process of oil change. Isn’t the gameplay ample and comprehensive to make it count among the best limo games?
• An absolute treat for the lovers of fixing game with comprehensive gameplay of 4 missions (each mission has 5 levels).
• Amazing gameplay adding a cherry topping to limozin games.
• Impressive and intuitive on screen controls.
• Awesome environment specially designed to be in sync with the theme of repair game.
• Fully equipped workshop with a much different and unique services
• Eye catching HD graphics.
• Playable on multiple devices.

To sum up, the paramount of car mechanic games is finally here. Brace yourself with experience of best mechanic simulator. You might have played many workshop games but this takes you to the next level of fun and excitement. For certain you will get the whole new fun of limousine car games while playing LIMO CAR MECHANIC 3D SIM.

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