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Lineage 2 Revolution cheats

Boxes of summoning, topaz, adena, diamonds, friendship points, scrolls, items of equipment, loyalty points, red stones, charges, a sign of blood, runes – all these are cheats Lineage 2 Revolution. Welcome to the Talking Island. This is a good place for an adventurer to gain experience. You have to take some work to get used to this area. You can increase the level of equipment in the smithy. There are several ways: combining, strengthening, modifying attributes. When raising the level, other equipment is used as a material to improve your basic equipment. Increasing the level of equipment – just a way to improve the fighting abilities of the character. Do not forget to use the cheats of hacking soul charges – they provide stronger attacks. Soul charges are only used during a battle. With the help of the code they are replenished automatically and unlimitedly.

Cheat codes Lineage 2 Revolution for Android and iOS:

1. nx75432f6
2. Tj54823oJ
3. 6U9679PB
4. b956345g1
5. XQ856Vuy
6. uL97693xf
7. KL769337R
8. 5z97686ZE
9. Up97456P8
10. yF8457D2
11. 868453FW
12. kn865HQc

(Boxes of summoning, topaz, adena, diamonds, friendship points, scrolls, equipment items, loyalty points, red stones, charges, blood sign, runes) + bug fixes and bugs

Now let’s talk about the dungeons of Lineage 2 Revolution. There are: daily – we extract materials necessary for strengthening things, tower of daring, elite dungeon – defeat powerful monsters and get a lot of experience, a dungeon of prey – collect magic herbs to prepare elixirs. In daily dungeons every day there are different monsters. Win them to receive special rewards. For more powerful monsters you will get better rewards, so work on your skills. Every day you can enter for free in 1 daily dungeon, in the hacked version of Lineage 2 Revolution – you can go without restrictions.

Secrets of the game Lineage 2 Revolution for free:

Adenas – how to farm Aden – the most important question of the game. Just use these tips for passing the game. Cheats RAR things – the most top clothes on your character with all the sharpening. Guide for sharpening things now is not needed – it’s enough just to start playing a new version with advanced features. Modification of attributes, red set, legendary things – to become a top player for a couple of hours, everything is real. Weapon point codes, secret interface, play without donate. Boxes of summoning, topaz, adena, diamonds, friendship points, scrolls, items of equipment, loyalty points, red stones, charges, a sign of blood, runes.

Lineage 2 Revolution android cheats, the hacked version of the codes

Races: man – people – the creation of the great Cain – harmoniously develop and adapt. Honor Einchasad, the goddess of light. They have three classes – the magician (the lord of fire and the bishop), the robber (treasure hunters and arrows), the warrior (general and paladin). Paladin – a tank with a high defense and useful defensive skills. Commander – his attacks gradually weaken the enemy. The robber skillfully possesses a dagger and an onion. Treasure Seeker – stuns enemies and strikes many strikes in a row. Shooter – strikes the square and slows down opponents. The Lord of Fire inflicts continuous fire damage. Bishop – healer, who heals his own and stuns the magic of enemies.

Hack without downloading Lineage 2 Revolution mod apk:

Items Lineage 2 Revolution Rare items: Combine two items of equipment of the highest level to synthesize one item of a higher rank. This function can only be used when the equipment of the same type as the target equipment has a maximum level.

Lineage 2 Revolution hack

Tips for the passage of Lineage 2 Revolution (Guide)

Above the level of achievement – your abilities are stronger. And as a daily reward, you will receive supplies. Be attentive to various types of achievements and do not ignore any of them. Enter cheats, hacking codes and get useful supplies, such as: high-gear items, call boxes, topaz, adena, diamonds, friendship points, scrolls, loyalty points, red stones, charges, blood sign, runes and much more. You will receive one free box with high-quality equipment every day, so do not forget to enter Lineage 2 Revolution cheats or take advantage of the hacked version.

Hack Lineage 2 Revolution

Okay, now let’s move on to improving the level of skills. Before you start, you need to see what skills you use. Active skills – here you can raise the levels and change the location of the skill buttons. To increase rank – requires skill points. You can get them by raising the level of the character during a regular game or by using cheats and hack codes. The effects of passive skills are automatically activated, so they can easily be overlooked. However, it is important to remember them if you want to become stronger.

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