Lionheart: Dark Moon free cheat, codes, Android, free Gold, Gems, Energy

Create your own team of heroes, use secrets to diversify the game Lionheart: Dark Moon and get a lot of money on the account. Collect the keys and unlock the characters and develop them for future battles. Share their skills, develop strategies and defeat friends and other players. Use potions, gems and gold coins to raise the level of your team. The player does not need to use the hack Lionheart: Dark Moon on Android, or iOS, to get the premium currency on the account. Bonus codes for resources will allow you to quickly unlock valuable characters and enjoy the game with a new one. To use this method, you do not need to receive special device rights. After step-by-step advice, everyone will learn how to use secret codes and get resources.

Lionheart: Dark Moon Codes:

  • 45 000 gold coins – XeHNYKev
  • 5 400 gems – y2htYtN6
  • Restore energy – CCZJAWhX
  • 5 silver keys – SWDKL1CP
  • 5 gold keys – wXKSbR3T

Create your own army from different heroes. Participate in the legendary battles and get great victories. Earn experience and raise the level of your team. Collect a team of animals and other amazing characters. The power of the team will depend on the amount of money on the account, so cheats Lionheart: Dark Moon will give you an advantage. Destroy the darkness in your path and compete with your friends.

Guide on the game, characters, money and energy

Free RPG on mobile devices in which everyone can assemble a team. Unique characters and elegant graphics and animation. Advance on the plot, collect keys and open new heroes in the team. Use potions, gems to develop their skills and raise the level. Darkness has returned and only you can stop it. Move along the story line, get experience and develop skills.

There are hundreds of unique, funny characters in the form of animals. Collect a unique team and use it to fight bosses and other players. Build your own tactics, using combinations and inflicting maximum damage. Free money and energy are available to the player. You do not need to download mod Lionheart: Dark Moon, or use hack. Use secrets to get resources into the account and enjoy the game for free.


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