Little Big City 2 Cheat codes for Gems, Gold, Android and iOS, not mod

Little Big City 2 hack, not mod is a very interesting simulator. In which you have to turn an ordinary island into a big and prosperous metropolis. You will have a chance to do everything as you dreamed. Build cultural and industrial buildings. Go to your friends and see how they do everything. Extract the various resources through which new people will come to the city. You can also help measure in his robot, for example making important decisions. About all the achievements you can learn from the news that go out every day. You can become the biggest tycoon in the whole world. To become the best builder, come up with creative and unique buildings that will only be with you. You will be helped by our cheat codes Little Big City 2, having a lot of money, you will have all the best.

Cheats Little Big City 2 for Android:

  • Use the code to get 500 000 Gold to buy and improve the game, free – MBGyr74639
  • Use cod HHIfgr038wrf for getting 98 000 Gems

Hacking Little Big City 2 on Android and iOS, you will have a unique chance to get a lot of money for shopping in the game, as well as for improvements. All the codes are absolutely free for any of your devices and you no longer need to worry about the safety of your devices. You no longer need to download fashions or buy special device rights. Absolutely all codes are Small Big City 2, you can use it many times and all the time for free. If you have not already seen such codes, then follow the link below on the site and in the detailed instructions look at the details.


Transform your very own tropical island into a bustling metropolis beyond your wildest imagination! In this top-notch city management simulation, you’ll work with the Mayor and his quirky cohorts to build it into the best paradise it can be.


• Choose your expansion style: industrial tycoon, technological prodigy, or cultural artisan.
• Visit your friends’ cities to see the effects of different development strategies.
• Unlock unique landmarks and buildings: They’ll produce diverse resources that keep your city appealing to new citizens.


• Help the wacky Mayor make important decisions to achieve his goals successfully.
• Heed the advice of your advisors to navigate tricky scenarios.


• Handle spontaneous events impacted by the unique design of your city.
• Get breaking Daily News reports that recap your latest achievements.

Become the most creative tycoon the world has ever seen — and the best builder, too!

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