Lode Runner 1 free Cheat codes, not mod for Android, Tips, Guide

Nexon released a free Lode Runner 1 on Android and iOS. About Lord Runner heard the majority of gamers, the company decided to optimize it for mobile devices. And at first glance it seems completely free. This is a classic game that was popular in the past era. But it will be interesting to fans of arcade games. She is very similar to Mario, but has more complex maps, more opponents and requires attentiveness. Why Lode Runner 1 hack is needed, if it is free? To put big records and get into the leaderboard. Also include the ability to play, without the Internet connected, will make it more necessary on the mobile. It is always pleasant to include such a development in transport, or in the process of waiting.

Codes Lode Runner 1:

  • Lode Runner Classic [$ 2.99] – c8*kziN6U
  • Disable training – hH*EhmMGl
  • Double experience – eY*mfA2vG
  • Enable access to the game, without access to the Internet – gA*8N127a

Gold will unlock all levels in the game. The only drawback is the lack of Internet, are empty records. They will not be included in the world leaderboard. If you want to show off your achievements before friends, then it’s better to use the standard game settings. Also, Lode Runner 1 cheats allow you to simplify access to subsequent levels and even create your own card.

Overview, secrets and tips for passing:

Game developers have optimized it for a modern audience. The main role is played by a man with a laser blaster and robots. They will in every possible way interfere with your passage, so you need to lure them and destroy them. Sometimes it is necessary to pass the level, or collect additional coins. Futuristic hero, stairs pillars and exploding elements. The game always keeps in suspense and promotes a full immersion.

To play, you need to download Lode Runner 1 mod from the official Google Play sites, or the Apple Store. This ensures the stable operation of the game and use the provided advice. Management in the game is conducted using the joystick and direction indicators on the screen. Climb the stairs, move through the ferries and deceive the enemies to pass the level. The game has several hundred interesting levels, unlock the original character and enjoy the game. Use the code to turn off training and open the possibility of creating your own card.


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