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With the arrival. Lord guardian! The roads in Skiroka are now dangerous. All around enemies, we must prepare! In the military camp, you can hire troops and appoint heroes as commanders of the detachment. You will also need powerful magic support – take with you a few scrolls of magic from the list of cheats below. Before the attack, you can reconnoitre the situation in the enemy camp. During the reconnaissance you will see what kind of booty you can get for the victory over the enemy.

Cheat codes Lords of Magic for Android and iOS for free:

1) Resources – qd32U0
2) Gold – Z745HY
3) Tree – NP67N3
4) Hacking on the builders – lhH74NAj. Builders are required for any purchase or improvement of buildings, as well as for cleaning obstacles. The more builders you have, the faster you will be able to develop your possessions!
5) Cheats for portals – xjl74XS. You need to go into battle and earn new resources and runes.
6) Codes for runes – Fis43Jk
7) Instant Construction – JO74iCe
8) Nobody can attack you (activate the shield) – tcM244
9) Your army is immortal – hM74kd. Even one warrior can destroy an opponent’s camp.

Cheats for the discovery of the Lords of Magic heroes

1) Paladin – fBF536JL9. Bound in heavy armor and with a huge sword in his hands, Paladin defends the law and order on these lands.
2) Gunnar – Bqk3653ll. Hardened in battle, the volume carries a huge hand cannon. A shot from it can crush any enemy!
3) Huntress – crIc356t1. A quick and graceful huntress can simultaneously shoot two crossbows, and her arrows do not know a slip!
4) Barbarian – A245ZdDK1. Perfect in defense! In battle, he always seeks to get along with another hero in a duel.
5) The Ice Queen – X1C357WUf. Not just a strong sorceress. She is the master of the Titans, next to her they become stronger!
6) Shaman – 6mg745mKX. He does not have strong fighting magic. But the spirits of ancestors reliably protect it and can strengthen its allies.
Breaking Lords of Magic into the Army

1) Guardian – ET664xX1. The latest development of gnomes mechanics. He can destroy enemies in melee or shoot a jet of a red-hot flame.
2) The rider on the griffin – cPE766eiE. The rider and griffin in action act as one. They circle high in the sky, directing to the enemies exact lightning discharges.
3) Fairy – x0x967go5. The most harmless creature in the world. It can not harm anyone, but the ability to heal makes it irreplaceable on the battlefield!
4) Cannioner – zU247SIqO. Quite weak in close combat. But they can cause serious damage with a friendly volley from their muskets.
5) The airship is lwC84854CR. Air ships of gnomes carry on board heavy bombs, the explosion of which can destroy several enemies at once.
6) Titans – rd1h845Ak. Children of the ice element. They are sluggish, but their size and strength are indispensable in the destruction of enemy defensive buildings.
7) Elemental – oen8455a91. These are the lower spirits of fire. In combat, they are used to destroy walls. For other tasks, they are too unstable.

Each hero has his own unique super blow. The instant improvement of buildings for crystals saves your resources and time. But you do not always want to spend money on buying a premium currency, and it’s not easy to get them in the game. Therefore, we suggest you enter free Lords of Magic cracking cheats on the crystals from the list below to forget about this problem once and for all.

Lord of Magic Hack

Hacked Lords of Magic:

Do not forget about gold in the Lords of Magic vkontakte. Gold is a fuel of war. It is required for training units and buying spells, as well as for improving your army. For protection in Lords of Magic, build walls. They reliably protect your land from the attack of enemies! The higher their level, the stronger the walls and the safer your possessions! Archers on the tower can shoot at any targets on the ground or in the air. The garrison of the tower will fight if the enemy destroys it.

Remember, heavy catapult shells strike everyone in the radius of the explosion. But if the enemy approaches too close, the catapult turns out to be helpless. On the throne, you can put the hero to protect your possessions from enemies. Take every opportunity to protect your land! Also for protection in Lords of Magic well suited:

Secrets og the game without downloading mod Lords of Magic for Cash:

1) Flamethrower – a jet of flame can hit several enemies simultaneously on the ground or in the air, but the range of fire of the Flamethrower is rather small.
2) Balista – A simple but formidable fighting machine, capable of falling asleep with a hail of heavy arrows. Not suitable for firing at air targets.
3) Element tower Lei – a formidable weapon against air targets.
4) Ball lightning is hidden from the enemy until his troops are in the zone of defeat. Ranks are especially dangerous for the Guardians.

Remember, magic can change the course of any battle! Improve the Mages Guild to get new ones and improve existing spells. Magic creatures in Lords of Magic hack are powerful allies. With the rise in the level of the building, you will be able to recruit new ones, as well as improve the existing warriors. Win your opponents to earn victory points. The more of them the higher your bonus for the victory and place in the ranking!

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