Madnessteer Live for Android, free Stars and Likes, Codes & Tips

Racing for Android Madnessteer Live, you can download the game for free. Get away from the chase and increase your level of crime. Destroy the police car and walk away from the chase. By increasing the level of crime and other factors, you attract more attention. And to get away from the chase becomes more difficult. But at the same time you earn more experience and money. Using these resources the player can unlock access to all vehicles. Each of them has its own characteristics, velocity, acceleration and health. This allows for longer stay in the arena. Gain experience you increase your level. This allows you to unlock all the cars and test them in different arenas. Besides the main gameplay, you can participate in lotteries and sweepstakes. Use the secret code provides additional resources in the game.

Madnessteer Live purchases:

  • 12,500 Likes – Py996cM2
  • 1250 Stars – GVvWjtsN
  • Unlock all cars – LGROizEb

Get more views your own pursuits. Keep a broadcast, the longer you hang on the more likes and collect money. To unlock all the vehicles in the game, many are trying to use Madnessteer Live hack. We must warn you that it rarely works. Game Shop is the only honest place where you can get additional resources. There you can get a little money to improve with the help of free purchases.

Perform stunts, destroy and run away from the cops and helicopters. All you are doing is for the sake of the audience, so make a real show. To gather more views and get the stars you need a fast machine. Acceleration allows you to make quick maneuvers and deceive the police. Bomb, destroy and raise your level of crime. Leave from side impacts and shoot opponents.

Madnessteer Live free money

Control of the game is very simple, but will have to get used to the new features and the characteristics of each of the cars. Money Madnessteer Live allows you to have more health. Occupy a worthy place among the streamers. Set up your own studio for easy viewing your broadcast. Buy items in the game store to improve the performance and level. Participate in competitions and receive additional rewards.


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