MagicWand Secret cheat Codes for Android, Free Gems and Cards

New card game with an interesting control on Android – MagicWand. Here you need to collect cards to combine spells. The main difference is the control of the game, here you have to flap your phone and pronounce the spell. Magical actions will be executed only after your pronunciation and waving. According to the developers it adds realism of the game. But in a public place will not to play;) Victory will get not one who has the most powerful cards, wins the one who will properly combine and select the desired spell against an opponent. Download the game for free, you can, but in it there is a game store. There for the money you can buy a card sets, as well as precious stones, for which your game will be more enjoyable. This will quickly get ancient artifacts and get a unique spells and abilities.

MagicWand cheat codes:

  • 3400 Gems – y8cYr2gHw4
  • Unlock all the cards – zVcCP5j8w9
  • Get double experience for the battle – NxoKarb2R4

Be the first magician that will gather all the secret maps from around the world. To do this, visit the most dangerous corners and get them in battles. Many are looking for an easier way using hack MagicWand impossible to get everything at once. The game thus becomes meaningless, so you have to gradually pass the game level by level. Using free purchases can expedite the process and to obtain additional resources.

Become a Guardian receiver can only the strongest. To do this, you need to assemble a book with all spells. Only then will you become a real magician and will be worthy of the title. Many battles in all parts of the world with evil spellcasters are waiting for you. To win you will need a magical practices and the correct use of cards. Combine and get a unique power. Schools and practice will give you an advantage in battle.

MagicWand hack

Battle goes one on one with the enemy. Each has a set of cards that can attack and defend. The winner is the one who first would deprive the opponent of health. Cheats MagicWand not give you super powers, but allow the use of strong cards of different schools. Each of them has unique abilities. In total, a deck of 15 cards, which makes the battle unpredictable. Once you gain experience, it has powerful cards and a lot of money. You can start the battle in the arena, and fight against real opponents.


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